Full Moons and Randoms

Any time I am outside and see a full moon I always say to the people I may be with, “Oh. Look. The crazies will be out tonight.”

…But seriously.

My friends will know this because I have said this before and can’t believe that it happens this way time and time again.

I’m not sure when it all first started, but here it goes.

Ladies, you know how sometimes you get messages on Facebook or Instagram from guys that you don’t even know? Ya. You know what I’m talking about. It happens to a lot of us, randomly. However, for me, it seems to go like this.

The first time it happened, I was just thinking like hmm.. who is this rando who thinks he can pick me up over Facebook, weird. Then maybe an hour later, another random person starts to chat me up. I’m starting to think this is extra weird. The next day a couple more random people talk to me!

I explain to my friends how weird it is that these random people all came out for a little chit chat with Holly within 24 hours.


Then maybe months or a year go by, and it happens again. 3-5 random people in one night!

And then again.

I tell my friends “Guys! This is a legit pattern! If one random messages me, a bunch more do!” Every time this happened, it was just further proof.

The most recent time this happened was only a week or so ago… on the night of a FULL MOON! That’s got to be it right?! I can’t remember what stage the moon was at those other times because well, who keeps track of the moon cycle and the days when random people chat you up… but I wouldn’t be surprised if those were days or night of full moons also.

I’m not saying that these people are crazy (I hope), but they sure are exhibiting some strange behaviour.

Note to men: Chatting up a girl who has no idea who you are over social media, usually isn’t a good approach. So, if you’re thinking about it, maybe think twice. It might just be the moon affecting your brain, and making you think it is a good idea.



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