Time To Move Out: Leaving My University/College Roommates

When I moved to Ottawa, my first home was the Glengarry (Glen-ghetto) Residence at Carleton University. What a shit hole. It was not the cleanest, or most up-to-date spot, but it did the trick. The windows didn’t open, our shower knob would move on its own (we had to put a hair elastic around it), and there were stains… everywhere. I was living in what was called a pod. It consisted of two single rooms and two double rooms sharing a common space, and two bathrooms, but only one shower. So, there were 6 of us living in there. Me, E, S, R, D, and HC.

HC wasn’t around much, she did her own thing. R moved back to Toronto to go to school after first year. D moved into her own place the next year. That left me, E, and S.

Throughout our time in Glen-ghetto, we became close friends with a couple Asian boys (K and A) down the hall, A would even use our shower because he hated the communal one so much. They would hang out in our living room, sometimes even when we weren’t there.

S’s childhood best friend, B,  also went to Carleton, she began to stop into our pod more and more, and we became closer with her also.

And there it was. The Original Six.

The six of us (Me, S, E, A, K, and B) moved into a house off of Bank St. We were lucky to get the place, and we nicknamed it “The Treehouse”.

During our second year at the house, S went on an international exchange, and so did A. This meant that we had S’s cousin living with us for half the year, and a new girl, KB, living with us for the year. After that year, S and A were back. B left to live on her own, and so KB stayed with us.

What to call us now… The Super Six, The Superior Six (just like the Marvel group haha), The Six Pack. Ha. Let’s go with that. The Six Pack ;P

This brings us to today. I’ve basically lived with the same group of people for 4 years, and this time has come to an end, and there are some things I will not miss about living with all these tools.

1. The amount of hair. EVERYWHERE. I also added to this, but still.

2. The dirty dishes.

3. The pile up of shoes and coats at the front door.

4. The cold showers that sometimes occurred when more than one person showered before me.

5. Finally, thinking that there was an earthquake when really it was my roommate having sex…. Nah, just kidding, that is hilarious! haha

These things aren’t even that bad, but I thought I would through them in before I get to the sappy stuff. So, these are some of the things I will miss the most about living with these goons.

1. Wanting to order food and having at least one other person want it too, so you order it and now you don’t feel as bad about being a fat ass because someone else is going to be a fat ass with you.

2. Getting the urge to go out drinking and not having to look very far to find someone else who is done to drink too.

3. A’s snuggles, and baby dinosaur noises.

4. E and K’s play fight sessions, and their old couple-like bickering.

5. KB’s willingness to party any time, any where.

6. S’s likeness to me, my accidental twin more often than not.

7. B’s sass.

8. Being able to communicate through grunts and random other strange noises.

9. Not being worried about murdered by a psycho-killer who broke in because there is usually at least one other person home to help you if that happened. Actually, they would probably leave me there and run away. I don’t know why I felt safe regarding that… Selfish bitches ;P

10. Being able to play a selection of card games and board games because there were almost always more than enough people for the game.

11. Being able to give zero shits about how you look and having people there to love you anyways.

12. Group singalongs.

13. Having people decorate stockings for Christmas with, give presents to, and celebrate birthdays with.

14. I think I might even miss hearing the boys yelling profanity over Call of Duty.

15. Most of all, I will miss having my big-ish second family to always be there for me. To make me feel proud of my successes on assignments, papers, jobs, relationships. To make me laugh and feel happy again through the heartbreaks and fuck ups. To cry with me. To cuddle with me. To smile with me. To make my heart full every day.

The best years of my life (so far) have happened with these people.

In this house.

Thank you. I am so lucky.

I’ll always love these crazy kids. But then again, who doesn’t love a six pack. 😉



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