The Ghost Calls: A 1.5 Year Prank

I live with five roommates in the back half of a three-story house. We have been living here for three years, and about a year and a half ago, these weird phone calls began to occur.

I forget the first time that it happened to me, but it went something like this: My phone started ringing, and I see that one of my roommates was calling me. I found it weird because I was almost certain that she was in the house. I answered the call and no one replied to me. I assumed it was a pocket dial or something and hung up. Then I hear someone yell, “Holly?! Did you just call me?” What the heck…. I replied, “No… you called me.”  “No I didn’t.” …. So, that was strange. Then, it kept happening between different pairs of people in the house.

One of our original roommates moved out, and a new one moved in. It started happening with her also. Sometimes these calls would happen days in a row, and then stop for months. It was the most random timing for these calls, and it only ever happened when the two people were in the house.

All of us in the house except one roommate have Iphones, so after this went on for a while, we assumed it was an Iphone thing. We also joked about having a ghost in the house who was making us all call each other for some reason.

At one point there was an issue going on where people were using other people’s numbers to make calls to other people. I guess my phone number was being used, as was one of my roommates, so we were receiving calls from angry people saying that we had called or texted them when we didn’t. I called my service provider, and they told me that someone was using my number to make calls. I decided since I was on the phone with someone, I would mention the ghost calls that my roommates and I were making to each other. The girl on the other end of the line said she had never heard of that before, but she would make a note of it just in case it happens to anyone else.

Ghosts! I swear! It is a ghost.

The calls stopped for a long time, and then restarted, and when they did happen we would kind of ignore it. It became less of an ordeal every time these ghost calls happened.

This brings us to the other night. All of us except for one of the roommates were sitting in the living room. We got onto the topic of who ate my one roommates Drumstick. I jokingly said, “Okay… It was me.” He thought I was serious. “Dude… I was in Toronto when it happened.” What a goof. Then my other roommate comes into the conversation.

K- “Okay… guys.. I have something to tell you..”

Us- “You ate his drumstick!???!!!”

K- “No…” Starts laughing hysterically.

Us-  Most likely all thinking WTF

K- “So…” Laughing… “I’ve been…” Laughing

Me- What the heck is he about to tell us… I’m mildly afraid….

K- “Okay. So. I’ve been pranking you guys for like the past year and a half.”

Us- “What!!!??”  “How?”  “What did you do!??” “Did you eat his drumstick!?” Meanwhile, I’m trying to think of what he could have done. What he moving my stuff into weird places? No. What is it…..

K- “No…You know how you guys have been getting those calls where you call each other and then no one is there… Well… that was me” Giggles…

Us- “How!!” “How did you do that!?” “What!!??”

We were all so baffled. Our other male roommate couldn’t believe that he didn’t tell him out of all people. I was mostly surprised by his commitment to the prank. He explained how he managed to execute this year and a half long prank, and for the most part we were all just impressed. If it were any of the others we would have totally told someone after a few calls or just stopped doing it. Then I realized, I had been explaining to my service provider these strange calls thinking there was an issue with our phones or the provider when my roommate had actually been pranking us. Wow. I’m a fail.

A few weeks before we all move out, and he finally decided to tell us. What a champ.

Very impressive.

However, I still think there is a ghost. ;P



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