For the first time ever.

We talked yesterday.

For the first time in a long time, we talked about us.

My willingness to continue this cycle of emotions.

Has exhausted itself.

For years, it has gone on and on.

You want me.

You don’t want me.

I think I’ve moved on.

I’m in a good place without you.

You want me.

I fall back into you.


But this.

This, has gone on long enough.

. . .

“I miss you.”

Well, this time.

Right now.

I do not miss you.

The day you said you did not know if you loved me anymore.

That was the day it started for me.

You may still be my friend.

But, I have not forgiven you.

And now.

For the first time.


I’m standing up for my heart.



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