Toronto: Confirmation that it really is a small world

Living in Toronto has improved since I’ve been here. At first I hated it, now it’s not so bad, and I think the hatred of it partly can from the fact that I really don’t have any friends in Toronto. I’m the kind of person who very much enjoys social interaction and being around my friends; I don’t like to sit at home every night by myself, not doing anything.

I know the people that I live with here. I went to high school with the guy, and I had met his girlfriend once at a party back home (however, I doubt she remembers). They are really relaxed people, but I didn’t know him well in high school and find it a bit weird if I tried to be all buddy-buddy now.

I used to be really close with another person who now lives in Toronto, but I haven’t properly interacted with him in years.

I lived in residence at Carleton with a girl who moved back to Toronto to continue her studies at U of T, and we haven’t kept in very close contact since then either.

Finally, when I used to attend dance classes, there was a man who came to our studio as a guest instructor and taught a group of us a hip hop class. A year later, I ran into him in downtown Ottawa while celebrating my birthday. I was drunk, as one would assume, and that turned into a rather interesting interaction. Since then, we haven’t really spoken to each other much.

With these three people, I had been in contact with them before I left Ottawa to inform them that I was going to be in Toronto, and that maybe we could grab a coffee or a drink sometime. Catch up. That doesn’t take up very much free time though as I would probably only see each one of them once or twice. And so…

I took to Tinder!

Because really, how does one even make friends in a new city, especially when they are only there for a month, and they aren’t really a tourist or anything. Internet dating sites would be the quickest way, and I already have Tinder on my phone, so away I went. *Swipe* *Swipe* Oh man, that guy looks scary… *Swipe* Ohhh also new to Toronto, and from Ireland… 6’5. Done. I want to be this guys friend. *You’re a match* So, I started talking to Irishman. We had casual conversation, and I found out that he was from the country side in Ireland. From there we got onto a conversation about farming, and I gave him my number. I was rather refreshing to be able to talk to someone who was also from the country and new to the city. Odds were, he was looking for people to hang out with also, not just some random person to screw like most people on Tinder want. We decided we would grab coffee on the Wednesday, and that he would text me closer to that day.
*Swipe* *Swipe* *Swipe* Oh… he’s cute. Let’s seeee.. actor, singer… hm okay. From Parry Sound? What! Okay I have to say yes for sure now! *You’re a match* We greet each other, and I ask him, I’m going to refer to him as TheaterKid, if he knows one of my friends from Parry Sound. Parry Sound is a small town, so I was actually pretty certain that he would know her, and that it would be so random. He did. He did know her, they had grown up together. We keep chatting and end up adding each other on Facebook. It shows we have one mutual friend, I assume that it is my friend from Parry Sound, but I look anyways. It’s not her. It’s another girl who one of my close friends was really good friends with in high school. I was baffled. It’s just so random! So I asked him how he new her, and he said they went to the same college in Toronto. So so strange!
We continued chatting and decided to hang out some time. I wasn’t sure how well we would get along because I am not a theater person really at all. I was definitely stereotyping theater people at this time. We talked about where both of us lived, and turns out he lives about a 10 minute walk away from me… How convenient. A cute, fun guy, who lives within walking distance, and who knows people that I know/am friends with. It was actually rather refreshing and comforting to know that he knew people I knew and was from a small town.   We made tentative plans for Thursday, but the next day he asked if we could do Wednesday instead. I was supposed to hang out with Irishman, but I hadn’t hear anything and it was now Tuesday. I sent Irishman a message, and he didn’t reply within the next few hours, so screw it. If Irishman did reply eventually we would reschedule (he never did reply…. dick.). So, I told TheaterKid that Wednesday worked for me! I’ll explain how that interaction when later, but as for now…
Small world right? I come to a new city, happen to go on Tinder, and find a cute guy who knows two people I know! That’s so crazy and random!..
Or at least I think so anyway.
I guess you can find a sort of homey feeling anywhere you go, sometime you get lucky, sometimes you have to look for it. But, it’s there.

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