Toronto: Asians and Pigeons

I’ve been in Toronto for over a week now, and here are some of the things that I’ve noticed that are different from back home.

  1. So many people.
  2. So many Asian people.
  3. So many pigeons

Obviously, there are plenty of other differences between Ottawa and Toronto, but these are honestly the first three things I noticed.

The people.

My commute had been pretty quick up until last Friday. Hooooly sh*t. Seriously, where do all of these people come from?! Are they living under ground and then come out on Friday mornings? I left the house at my normal time to get to work, and first, I had to wait for 3 trains to pass by to get on one. Usually, this train is not very crowded. Then I got to the station where I thought it was usually pretty crowded. Turns out I really didn’t know crowded. There were so many people. The waiting area for my train was packed with people. I was surprised when I was able to squeeze on the second train, I now know how canned sardines would feel… if they had feelings. I feel like you’ve already assumed, but yes, I was late for work, but only 10 minutes late, and I was the only one in the office that day. I made up for it when I stayed late the next day. Other than that, there are just always people around. There is always someone walking or driving down the street. In my mind, it’s kind of just Ottawa life x 3.

The Asian people.

I met up with one of my roommates from Ottawa who was visiting his home in Toronto. He is Japanese. I joked about Toronto being “the land of his people”, and he said that he had never noticed the amount of Asians in Toronto compared to Ottawa. Maybe it was my small town up bringing where we only had about three Asian people in our high school, and one of those was an exchange student. It’s just something that really stood out to me about Toronto. Every where I look I’ll see at least one Asian person. I’m not saying this in a negative way, it’s just different from what I am used to.

The pigeons.

And finally, ohhhh the pigeons. So many freaking pigeons! They are everywhere, and I have developed a sort of fear that I’m probably going to be shit on by one (or more) of these demon birds. On the farm there were always pigeons hanging around during the summer, much less in the winter, and in Ottawa I rarely see any pigeons, mostly ducks, geese, and crows (so many crows near Billings Bridge that you feel like you’re in the 1963 horror film, The Birds). However, here, in Toronto, there are pigeons everywhere! And, these pigeons could care less about how close you are to them. I was walking on the sidewalk and I got so close to a pigeon, I was honestly a bit weirded out. Then I got about a foot away from it and it strutted, oh so calmly, to a maximum of about another foot away from where it just was. It gave zero shits. The pigeons sometimes will gather on a ledge outside of my window at work. This is the only time I enjoy them because they give me something to watch when I get bored. There is one brown pigeon that the rest of the pigeons seem to hate. Sometimes I feel as though I am studying their interactions too closely…. Aaaanyways.

People feed these pigeons. Right by the freaking metro station. So, when I have had to walk to the metro to get to work, there are about 50 pigeons freaking out over crumbs in a small area right beside the sidewalk. I swear, I’m going to get shit on, and hit by a flying pigeon soon enough. I was actually talking with a guy I met who lives here (more about him later), and I told him about how I was convince I would be shit on by a pigeon. He reassured me that I wouldn’t, but I refused to believe him, and you know what!? The next day at work, I over heard a couple of women in the office talking, and guess what?! One of them GOT SHIT ON BY A PIGEON that morning on her way to work.

My fear of this occurring has since escalated.




2 thoughts on “Toronto: Asians and Pigeons

  1. Holly;
    At some point in your tenure in Toronto, you will have to assemble these great stories and weave them into a book. That book would then be submitted to the Giller people for consideration. You write a story that we can see when we read it.


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