Toronto: The first time I took the subway

As many of you know, I recently moved to Toronto for the month. I arrived on Saturday afternoon. It was a rather pleasant drive, even when I did get into the Toronto traffic. The two people I’m living with were not there at the time, so I was able to move my stuff in without any interaction with anyone. After I brought everything in, I decided I should go park my car in the parking spot I arranged for…

At a fraternity house.

I paid some frat guy a hundred bucks to park my car at their house a couple of streets over. Clearly, I was desperate for a parking spot. Actually, I havent walked by the house since… I hope my car is still there. I walked back from the frat house after parking my car and went through the neighbourhood, it wasn’t that bad. I got home that night and watched TV, and went to bed early. The next day is what I really want to talk about.


I decided I should go get a monthly metro pass, and probably check out my route to work so I wouldnt get lost on the first day.

I stand in line at the metro station and watched a french couple buy their pass from a machine. *I paid pretty close attention, trying not to look creepy doing so.* It was my turn, and I got my pass, no problem. Okay. Things are going smoothly so far. I walked up to where you swipe your card at a turnstile. What the heck… Okay maybe I swipe it this way. A red X appears. Okay sooo.. other way? Red X. People are going through the other turnstiles with no issues at all. Omg, people are looking. The security is looking at me…. fml. I try again… Red X! “Come through here,” I hear come from the security guard, so I went to a different turnstile, swiped, GREEN! Oh thank goodness, that’s so embarrassing.

I make my way down the stairs. *There actually were not that many people around, which surprised me, but I guess it was a Sunday so people don’t work.* Line 2 East. Line 2 East. Okay… I think I’m on the right side. I keep looking at my phone which holds the instructions of how to get to my place of work.

A train pulls up, and I take a seat inside. So far, so good. I listen to the stops until I hear the one I’m supposed to get off at, I stand up and act like I know what I’m doing and where I’m going. Okay, Line 1 South. I start walking one way. Aaaaand that sign says North. I turn around like a lost tourist. So much for trying to look like I knew what I was doing or where I was going, waaay to go. I keep looking to my phone to make sure I’m remembering the instructions correctly. I make it to the side for Line 1 South, a train comes, I get on, and I sit down.

Wow, I actually haven’t messed up that bad yet. I havent gotten lost on the subway! I get off at my stop and I follow the crowd of people. *Because in my mind, I would just follow the majority and probably end up where I wanted to be.* And then I walked through a set of doors into some sort of mall. Alright, not so bad.. this means I won’t have to walk outside in the cold so much. I follow signs that are telling me how to get out onto Bay Street. Around many corners, up an escalator, and out a revolving door. I was outside on the street.

Well then… It’s close to here I think. Yea, I’m like a 3 minute walk away! I’m looking to my phone and at building numbers, and I see it. My building. Man. I made it. Like a champ! That was so good for my first try!!… Shit.. Shit.. Shit.  My phone dies. And, I was so focused on following my phone directions, I wasn’t really paying attention to my surrounding.

F***ing perfect. I took Line 1 North, and then.. wait no.. I went Line 2 East, and then Line 1 South. Yes.. that’s what it was.   I’m trying to remember how I got here while walking back to that mall, but not really a mall, place that I came from. So I would have to take Line 1 North, and then Line 2 West. Oh.. yea. That’s right. I’m not lost, it’s all good. I start panicking a little less now.

I find the building that I had come out of and I go inside. Doooown the escalator… wait… now where. I’ll just follow these people. Around corners, by stores I remember seeing on the way out before. I’m following some man around more corners. Aaaaand he went into a washroom. Where the hell am I. I’ll just start over. I take a near by escalator back up and find my way back to where I started in the building. I think the security guards know I’m lost… I’ll just pretend like I’m texting or looking to meet my friend somewhere… yeaaa I’m just texting over here on my phone that isn’t even on… I try again. Down the escalator. I start following people again, around corners once again, and then I follow them through a set of doors I remember coming through. This seems right…. I see a grocery store I had passed by, I walk through a food court, and there, the sign for the subway!

Omg, okay. I’m fine. Line 2.. wait Line 1 South. No. North. Ugh. North. Back on Line 1. Back on Line 2. I make it back to the station I first started at and walk back to the apartment, get to my room, and flop on the bed. It could have been worse.. I could have gotten on the subway in the wrong direction or something like that. Seriously Holly. You got lost in a TINY MAAALL though!! And wasn’t even reaaally a mall… Man, what a fail whale. Whatever.
My first time taking the Toronto subway, and I got lost. But, no no, not oooon the subway… In a friggin mall (that isn’t even really a mall).
Good luck to me.

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